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👍🏻"Cryptography: Boolean functions and related problems" course launched on Coursera from the teachers of the Cryptographic Center! 14 Jan 2020

The course invites you to learn more about cryptography; you'll learn some important math which stands behind the ciphers, and defines how resistant the particular cipher will be to different types of attacks.

The key topics covered in the course:

* how cryptography developed in Russia and in the Soviet Union, including the facts which used to be top secret until very recent times;

* Boolean functions and S-boxes, and how the resistance of a cipher depends on a cryptographic properties of a Boolean function;

* methods of cryptanalysis * some special and most intriguing types of cryptographic Boolean functions: bent functions and APN-functions (Almost Perfect Nonlinear Functions)

* AI and ML for cryptography.

Welcome to the course, and enjoy your learning!

The results of the international cryptography Olympiad NSUCRYPTO 10 Dec 2019

Total results of NSUCRYPTO-2019! 2 Dec 2019

Specialists from the Selmer center (Bergen, Norway) - M. Calderini and C. Li visited NSU and gave lectures about the cryptographic properties of Boolean functions and codes in the rank metric. We look forward to new meetings. 2 Dec 2019


Chunlei Li will lecture at NSU 21 Nov 2019


Marco Calderini will lecture at NSU 21 Nov 2019


Both rounds of NSUCRYPTO'2019 are over! 21 Oct 2019

📖✏ Ahead is checking the solutions, summing up the results and awarding the winners! 🥇🥈🥉.
👏🏻 Now, we thank all the participants for your active participation, interest, creativity, comments and feedback! Thanks!

NSUCRYPTO-2019. Valeria Idrisova, a member of the Olympiad Program Committee, talks about the International Cryptography Olympiad. 10 Oct 2019

Link to the recording from the CRYPTO conference (August 2019, USA, Santa Barbara).

We invite you to participate in the Sixth International Cryptography Olympiad NSUCRYPTO-2019! 10 Oct 2019

We are inviting you to take part in The Sixth International Olympiad in Cryptography NSUCRYPTO’2019.
Everybody can participate: school students, university students, professionals!
It consists of two independent Internet rounds:
- the first round (individual) will be held on October 13, 2019;
- the second round (team) will be held during October 14 – October 21, 2019.
You could find more information at the Olympiad website.

Congratulations to our team SUSlo.PAS with successful performance in the final CyBRICS! 30 Sep 2019

Congratulations to our team SUSlo.PAS with successful performance in the final CyBRICS!