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At the invitation of the Cryptographic Center, associate Professor of the Department of computer security of TSU, Ph. D., main developer of the cloud cybersecurity platform in Bi.Zone - Denis Kolegov and developer of security analysis services of Bizon LLC Anton Nikolaev will give a course of lectures "Fundamentals of security analysis of web applications" 7 May 2020


Every year on may 5, the Cryptographic service of Russia celebrates its professional holiday — the day of the cryptographer. 6 May 2020

🎁 ISSC-2020. Congratulations to our guys who won prizes at the International Student Conference! 22 Apr 2020

This year it was online for the first time. The winners are:

Section "Information Technologies". Subsection "Information Security"

🍀Elena Zavalishina (I degree diploma) "Cryptanalysis of the basic version of a public key cryptographic system based on the complexity of solving the system of polynomial equations in integers"

🍀 Daria Zyubina (II degree diploma) "Cryptographic properties of an S-block constructed on the basis of a Boolean function and permutation"

🍀 Dmitry Bader (III degree diploma) "Development of methods for analyzing blockchain networks"

Section "Mathematics". Subsection "Theoretical Cybernetics"

🍀Alexander Shaporenko (III degree dimploma) "Connection of quaternary and Boolean bent functions"

Congratulations! Scientific and creative success!

At the invitation of the Cryptographic Center, associate Professor of the Department of computer security at TSU, PhD, chief developer of the cloud platform for cybersecurity at Bi.Zone - Denis Kolegov will give a course of lectures "How are cryptographic protocols that we all use every day?" 13 Apr 2020

Lectures will be held online on Wednesdays at 12:00 and 13:00. The first lectures will be held on April 15. Information for access to lectures will be published here in the near future.

We invite students and teachers!

Center employee Alexander Kutsenko took part in the scientific and technical conference "Information Security" on the basis of the Military Innovation Technopolis "Era" (Anapa, Krasnodar Krai) 6 Apr 2020

The articles: vkpress, Kuban24.

Polina Sazonova, an employee of the Center, made an invited presentation at the "Digital Standup blockchain" meeting at the Gazprom Neft Innovation House 16 Mar 2020

Many companies are actively interested in practical applications of blockchain technologies and scientific results in this area. At the meeting on February 27, held at the Gazprom Neft Innovation House (Saint Petersburg), Polina Sazonova was an invited speaker from Novosibirsk. She presented the report "distributed registry Technologies as the basis of the Russian economy". The meeting discussed the results in the field of blockchain technologies and their implementation with the participation of representatives of the Russian Post, Sberbank, Sibintek, Norilsk Nickel, Innopolis University and other organizations. At the round table organized after the presentations, participants discussed the prospects for the development of blockchain technology and existing barriers to its application.

Employees of the Cryptographic Center-Alexander Kutsenko and Alexey Oblaukhov- have passed scientific training at the University of Bergen (Norway) 6 Mar 2020

From February 3 to March 1, 2020, Alexander Kutsenko and Alexey Oblaukhov trained at the Selmer Center in Secure Communication research center Of the University of Bergen (Norway). During this time, joint research was carried out, and three times spoke at the laboratory's seminar:

13.02.2020-A. Kutsenko, "Self-dual bent functions: characterization and metric properties". Known properties of self-dual bent functions are considered. The obtained metric properties are described: the minimum Hamming distance between self-dual bent functions, and the spectrum of Hamming distances between functions from the Mayoran-Macfarland class. The metric regularity is proved and the metric complement of the set of self-dual bent functions is found.

20.02.2020-A. Kutsenko, "The group of automorphisms of the set of self-dual bent functions". The results obtained for isometric mappings of a set of self-dual benp functions are presented. It is proved that the automorphism groups of sets of self-dual and anti-self-dual bent functions coincide. The group of automorphisms of the set of self-dual bent functions is fully described.

27.02.2020 - A. Oblaukhov, "Metric regularity and metric complements in the Boolean cube". We present the results obtained that affect the properties of metric additions of subsets of a Boolean cube. A General view of the metric complement of a linear subspace of a Boolean cube is found. A lower estimate for the power of the maximum metrically regular set is obtained. The metric regularity of the reed-Maller codes RM(k, m) is proved for the case k>=m−3.

We invite you to an online course on sports programming RuCode! 2 Mar 2020

More about the course is here.

20, 22, 27 and 29 February, we invite you to open lectures of the Computer Science club at NSU " Fundamentals of cryptanalysis" 21 Feb 2020

The course is here.

NSU launched a cryptography course at Coursera 29 Jan 2020

The article is available here.
The video about the course is here