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Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk) launches a large-scale professional retraining program "Cryptography and information Security" 21 Jun 2022

The Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk) launches a large-scale professional retraining program "Cryptography and Information Security", which starts on June 27, 2022 and will last 9 months. As a result of completing the program (250 hours of lectures, project and practical work), you will receive a state diploma. Waiting for you:
* lectures from Russian and foreign experts in the field of cryptography from science and industry
* scientific and practical research in this field
* participation in the international cryptography Olympiad with preliminary preparation
The Cryptographic Center organizing this program is the only major scientific and educational group outside the Urals working in the field of cryptography. Full-time education (on the basis of Novosibirsk State University) and free of charge.
The registration period for the program has been extended until June 24, 2022. There are very few places left.
👉🏻 Registration:
The program starts on June 27 with the Summer School module.

REGISTRATION is open for the Summer School-Conference on Cryptography and Information Security 2022, which will be held from June 27 to July 11 at Novosibirsk State University. 13 May 2022

We invite students and schoolchildren (11th grade)! You can apply until June 20, but it's better to hurry up, the number of places is limited.
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Summer School is the first stage of the professional retraining program in the field of cryptography! You have the opportunity to continue your research in this direction and receive a state diploma.

Students will receive lectures, team and individual work in projects related to solving research problems in the field of cryptography and information security, sports classes. One of the most important events of the school-conference is a round table on modern problems of cryptography. The topics of the projects are related to various issues of modern cryptography and information security: from the development of modern methods of cryptanalysis, the construction of ciphers, quantum cryptography to the creation of open-source analytical intelligence systems.

The Day of the Cryptographer is celebrated 101 years! 5 May 2022

Friends! May 5 has been celebrated for 101 years Day of the Cryptographer. It was on this day that the Cryptographic Service of Russia was created! We congratulate you on the holiday and wish you further success for the benefit of our Motherland!
The Cryptographic Service of modern Russia was established by the decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR dated May 5, 1921. It provides, with the help of encryption (cryptographic) means, information protection in information and telecommunication systems and special communication systems in the Russian Federation and its institutions abroad, including in systems using modern information technologies.

MNSK-2022. Congratulations to our guys who won prizes at the International Student Conference! 2 May 2022

Section "Information technologies". Subsection "Information security and cybersecurity"
🍀 Daria Zyubina (diploma of the II degree) "S-blocks from a small number of variables, resistant to various types of attacks"

Section "Mathematics". Subsection "Theoretical Cybernetics"
🍀 Natalia Atutova (diploma of the II degree) "Application of heuristic methods for searching Boolean functions with high cryptographic characteristics"
🍀 Irina Khilchuk (diploma of the III degree) "Classification of Boolean functions from four variables with maximum algebraic immunity and correlation immunity index equal to 1"
🍀 Denis Bykov (diploma of the III degree) "On estimates of the number of bent functions from some subclasses located at certain distances from the original"

Congratulations! Good luck!!

The results of the International Cryptography Olympiad in 2021 have been summed up 5 Feb 2022

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746 students, schoolchildren and professionals from 33 countries took part in the International Cryptography Olympiad 2021 5 Feb 2022

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Registration for the International Cryptography Olympiad is open! 12 Oct 2021

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"Cryptography" as a science 11 Oct 2021

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The international conference SIBECRYPT-2021 "Cryptography and Computer Security" was held at NSU 21 Sep 2021

The first seminar on "Cryptography and Cryptanalysis" this academic year will be held tomorrow! 10 Sep 2021

💥 September 11 (Sat) 09: 00, room 1127 (new building of NSU)
S. A. Novoselov "Counting the number of points on hyperelliptic curves with a geometrically decomposable Jacobian" (PhD thesis, Kaliningrad)