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MNSK-2022. Congratulations to our guys who won prizes at the International Student Conference! 2 May 2022

Section "Information technologies". Subsection "Information security and cybersecurity"
🍀 Daria Zyubina (diploma of the II degree) "S-blocks from a small number of variables, resistant to various types of attacks"

Section "Mathematics". Subsection "Theoretical Cybernetics"
🍀 Natalia Atutova (diploma of the II degree) "Application of heuristic methods for searching Boolean functions with high cryptographic characteristics"
🍀 Irina Khilchuk (diploma of the III degree) "Classification of Boolean functions from four variables with maximum algebraic immunity and correlation immunity index equal to 1"
🍀 Denis Bykov (diploma of the III degree) "On estimates of the number of bent functions from some subclasses located at certain distances from the original"

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The results of the International Cryptography Olympiad in 2021 have been summed up 5 Feb 2022

The Olympiad is here.

746 students, schoolchildren and professionals from 33 countries took part in the International Cryptography Olympiad 2021 5 Feb 2022

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Registration for the International Cryptography Olympiad is open! 12 Oct 2021

The Olympiad is here.

"Cryptography" as a science 11 Oct 2021

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The international conference SIBECRYPT-2021 "Cryptography and Computer Security" was held at NSU 21 Sep 2021

The first seminar on "Cryptography and Cryptanalysis" this academic year will be held tomorrow! 10 Sep 2021

💥 September 11 (Sat) 09: 00, room 1127 (new building of NSU)
S. A. Novoselov "Counting the number of points on hyperelliptic curves with a geometrically decomposable Jacobian" (PhD thesis, Kaliningrad)

The international conference SIBECRYPT-2021 begins its work! 6 Sep 2021

The schedule can be found here:
Ahead - three days of interesting reports and communication, a creative evening, a volleyball match, an excursion. The conference will be held on the basis of NSU and IM SB RAS. We are waiting for conference participants and free listeners to register today from 18: 00 to 19: 30 in the lobby of the NSU administrative building. See you!!

The Summer school-conference on Cryptography and Information Security 2021 was held at NSU 28 Jul 2021

The summer school-conference "Cryptography and Information Security" in memory of S. F. Krendelev< / br> is a traditional event held within the walls of NSU every year. The organizers of the school-conference are the Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk), the JetBrains Research cryptography Laboratory, the Faculty of Information Technologies, the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, the organizers of the international Olympiad NSUCRYPTO and the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

— This year we managed to conduct the school in person, combining the usual format of lectures with a video format, when students are in the audience, and the lecturer communicates with them from the screen. It turned out, in my opinion, productively. The full-time format is, of course, fruitful: the fact that students are actively working next to you – at the next table and in the next rooms – every day – they argue, discuss something enthusiastically, program, write on the blackboard-is very inspiring for work. I noticed that many guys who were not previously familiar with each other have become friends, and this is very good, — said the head of the school, associate professor of the Department of Computer Systems of the FIT and head of the the Cryptography Laboratory of NSU, < i>Natalia Tokareva.

— It was really a pleasure to take part in the summer school. I got the impression that everything was running very smoothly both from the technical and organizational side (which is no small feat for such a big event, especially when remote and physical lectures have to be combined), so I also want to congratulate you (and the entire team) with the successful event! - comments on his participation as a lecturer Nikolai Kaleyski, a cryptographer from the University of Bergen (Norway).

The center's staff made presentations at the X Symposium "Modern Trends in Cryptography" CTCrypt 2021 (June 1-4, 2021, Moscow) 22 Jun 2021

The symposium is held annually and is organized by the Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation, the Steklov Mathematical Institute and the Technical Committee for Standardization "Cryptographic Information Protection" (TC 26). This year's symposium was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Cryptographic Service of the Russian Federation, see To participate in it, Moscow was visited by teachers of NSU Alexander Kutsenko, < b>Alexander Shaporenko and a student Natalia Atutova.
The staff of the center took part in the work of the sections and the round table, made reports on the topics of their scientific research.
The symposium brought together representatives of regulators, state corporations, companies that develop cryptographic information security tools, Russian and foreign experts in the field of cryptography. The invited speakers included well-known experts in the field of cryptography and computer security, Jean-Hugo Krawczyk and Christophe Deneville. Their reports were devoted to the current challenges of blockchain technology, as well as the current direction of post-quantum cryptography.
At the plenary session dedicated to the centenary of the Cryptographic Service of the Russian Federation and the tenth anniversary of the symposium, a number of Russian scientists in the field of information security were awarded the jubilee marks "100 years of the Cryptographic Service of the Russian Federation" for their long-term work and great contribution to the development of domestic cryptography.