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The Olympiad NSUCRYPTO'20 has come to the end! 27 Oct 2020

Dear friends! The Olympiad 2020 has come to the end! We thank all the participants for their active presentation and creative solutions! Summing up at the end of November. Thanks to all!

Nicky Mouha (NIST, USA) lecture for NSUCRYPTO’20 participants! 17 Oct 2020

Introductory lecture "Review of the Advanced Encryption Standard" will be given by Nicky Mouha (NIST, USA) specially for the participants of the Olympiad.

We are glad to inform you that the Review of AES proposed by NIST will be presented at the first time in the history! So, join us: The lecture starts an hour before the start of the first round of the Olympiad, namely on October, 18 at 3 p.m. NOVT (UTC+7).

Nicky Mouha is a researcher at the Computer Security Division of NIST (USA), a member of crypto standartization committees at NIST, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27, and ASC X9F; a co-author of the Triple DES (3DES) standard, which is one of only two block ciphers that are approved for use by the U.S. government. Nicky is well known as the designer of the Chaskey algorithm and as the inventor of the MILP and SAT-based techniques that have now become the standard tools to analyze the security of cryptographic algorithms against statistical attacks.

Recall that the Olympiad starts tomorrow! Be registered on

International Cryptography Olympiad: university students, school students and professionals from more than 50 countries will take part in the competition. 9 Oct 2020

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‼ We invite you to courses and seminars on cryptography!‼ 28 Sep 2020

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The seminar "Cryptography and cryptanalysis" resumes its work. We invite you! 9 Sep 2020

September 10 (Thu), 14: 30, AU. 324 NSU "Cryptography and cryptanalysis" A. Kutsenko "self-Dual bent functions and their metric properties" (PhD thesis)

September 15 (C), 14: 30, a. 324 NSU "Cryptography and cryptanalysis" A. Oblaukhov "Metrically regular sets in a Boolean cube: constructions and properties" (PhD thesis).

Summer school-conference on cryptography and information security has ended at NSU 4 Aug 2020

52 students successfully graduated from the school (exactly twice as many as last year). These are students from NSU (fit, MMF), TSU, TSU, NSTU, MIPT, Sibsu (Krasnoyarsk), Altai GTU, Yerevan state University (Armenia) and five schoolchildren: from Saint Petersburg, Berdsk, Lukhovits, Sterlitamak (Republic of Bashkortostan), Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan). A total of 96 applications were submitted for the school.

- The guys not only worked on research projects, but also prepared theses on the results of their work and made presentations at the final conference. We have published more than 100 pages of abstracts (available on the school's website,, and the reporting conference with team reports lasted about 7 hours! So long, because it was important for us to listen to everyone, to understand, - for each report, many questions were asked, it was interesting — - said the head of the school, associate Professor of the Department of computer systems fit and head.NSU cryptography laboratory, Natalia Tokareva.

— I have enjoyed my studies immensely! I want the contacts established at the summer school to be strong and fruitful. Absolute psychological comfort and benevolence were created. I was once again convinced that I had not made a mistake in my choice. A very big plus for the fact that there were students of different ages. Thus, everyone had the opportunity to compare their knowledge and work with other guys. Everything was well thought out, classes flew by unnoticed, because it was rich and really interesting, FOR which the entire team of the school thank you very MUCH! -writes a graduate of the school-conference Andrey Didenko (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan)

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The opening of the Summer School on Cryptography and Information Security 2020 has taken place! 23 Jul 2020

We welcome our participants from Novosibirsk, Moscow, Tomsk, Taganrog, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Smolensk, Krasnoyarsk, Kuzbass, Biysk, Dubna, Volgograd, Barnaul, Cherkessk, Yerevan (Armenia), Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan)! Good luck to you!!

This year, the Summer School-Conference is being held in an unusual, distance format from 9 to 27 July. The school is organized by the Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk), the JetBrains Research Cryptography Laboratory, the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, the organizers of the NSUCRYPTO International Olympiad, the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of NSU.

In 2020, as part of the summer school-conference, teachers from Russia, Europe and the USA, including the authors of international standards in the field of cryptography, are working with participants. Part of the school-conference is held in English.

The school-conference will end with the publication of a small collection of the school's proceedings and a reporting conference on July 27.

🎁 Congratulations to the students of the cryptography laboratory of NSU-Yulia Maksimlyuk and Alexander Shaporenko with the award of the Lyapunov prize of the first degree in the diploma competition in 2020! Good luck to you guys! 28 Jun 2020

🥇Y. P. Maximuk "Study of the metric complements to chains packaging in Boolean cube" (scientific adviser А.А.Evdokimov)
🥇A. S. Shaporenko "Quaternary bent functions: properties and connection to Boolean bent functions" (scientific adviser A.V. Kutsenko, N. N. Tokareva)

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Alexey Andreevich was the founder and first head of our Department of theoretical Cybernetics at MMF NSU!

💥 Summer school-conference "Cryptography and information security" (July 9-27, 2020)! Applications are open until June 30. 22 Jun 2020

The summer school-conference "Cryptography and information security" is a traditional event held at NSU every year. The organizers are the Cryptographic center (Novosibirsk), the cryptography laboratory JetBrains Research, the international mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, the organizers of the international Olympiad NSUCRYPTO, the Faculty of information technology and the faculty of Mechanics and mathematics of NSU.

Dates: July 9-27, 2020.

Venue: remote format.

Students, school leavers, and 11th grade students are invited to participate in the school conference.

About 15 teachers will work with the participants for three weeks. You will find lectures, team and individual work in projects related to solving research problems in the field of cryptography and information security, sports classes. One of the most important events of the school-conference is a round table on modern problems of cryptography. The project topics are related to various issues of modern cryptography and information security: from the development of modern methods of cryptanalysis, construction of ciphers, quantum cryptography to the creation of open-source analytical intelligence systems. In 2020, as part of the summer school-conference, teachers from Russia, Europe and the United States, including authors of international standards in the field of cryptography, will work with participants. Part of the school-conference will be held in English.

Participation in the school is free of charge. The number of seats is limited. According to the results of the reporting conference-competition, the winners are awarded diplomas, and the participants are issued a certificate. The winning students are awarded a scholarship from JetBrains when they provide an original certificate from the University.

Applications for participation are accepted until June 30, inclusive.

The first workshop for students from the Math Center will be held from July 13 to 17 and will continue in August. Registration is until June 30. 22 Jun 2020

We invite students to take part in research!
And we draw your attention to the projects on cryptography and information security-number 19, 20, 21. Participation in these projects is perfectly combined with the Summer school on cryptography and information security! To do this, register for both events (school and workshop).