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A team of NSU students took first place at the 2022 International Cryptography Olympiad 16 Jan 2023

In the first round, students of the SUNC NSU Mikhail Baev and Egor Tens received diplomas of the third degree in the category "schoolchildren", their main rivals were schoolchildren from the UK and Singapore. NSU students were also awarded prizes in the first round in the "students" category. Konstantin Romanov (FIT NSU) received a diploma of the second degree, Viktor Panshin (MMF NSU) earned a diploma of the third degree. Students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of NSU Georgy Zhukov and Georgy Krivtsov received honorary diplomas in this category. In addition, the graduate student of the Faculty of Information Technologies of NSU Roman Lebedev will be awarded a diploma of the second degree in the category "professionals" in the first round. He managed to bypass the representatives of Germany, Belgium and Hungary.
And we note the outstanding result of the 2022 Olympiad for NSU – in the second round, a team of students of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of NSU consisting of Alexander Bakharev, Rinchin Zapanov and Denis Bykov won a first degree diploma! They were able to beat their main rivals from Romania, Vietnam and Hungary, as well as strong teams from Moscow (MEPhI). Since 2017, Novosibirsk teams have not been able to overcome the competition.
In the first round, 37 participants from 10 countries will be awarded prizes and diplomas, in the second round — 27 teams from 9 countries. A detailed list of prize winners is published on the Olympiad website,
The Olympiad is organized by the Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk), the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk State University, the University of Leuven (Belgium), Tomsk State University, Belarusian State University, the Northwestern Center for Mathematical Research named after Sofia Kovalevskaya and the Kryptonite Company.

Congratulations to our students and teachers - Alexander Bakharev and Denis Bykov with prize-winning places at the Lavrentiev diploma Competition in 2022. 21 Nov 2022

Alexander Bakharev was also awarded the A.A. Lyapunov Scholarship. 👍🏻

623 students, schoolchildren and professionals from 36 countries took part in the International Cryptography Olympiad 2022 29 Oct 2022

The Olympiad Non-Stop University CRYPTO is the only international cryptography Olympiad. It unites both schoolchildren and students, as well as professionals from all over the world. Anyone can take part in the Olympiad, regardless of geographical location. The official language of the Olympiad is English. The purpose of the Olympiad is to attract young researchers to solving issues of modern cryptography.

The Olympiad is organized by the Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk), the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk State University, the University of Leuven (Belgium), Tomsk State University, Belarusian State University, the Northwestern Center for Mathematical Research named after Sofia Kovalevskaya and the Kryptonite company.

NSUCRYPTO is included in the list of international Olympiads, the number of prize-winning students of which affects the university's entry into the RAEX-100 rating of the best universities in Russia. The winners of the Olympiad have the right to study free of charge according to the quota of the Russian Federation in the English-speaking graduate schools of the NSU.

In 2022, the Olympiad was held from October 16 to 24. 623 people from 36 countries took part in it.

16 tasks of varying complexity were offered to the participants. Among them are tasks about quantum computing in cryptography, about generating keys for working with electronic money, about designing ciphers and new cryptographic protocols, about analyzing modern hash functions and, of course, fun tasks for ingenuity. For example, in one of them it was necessary to recall the cipher "Polybius square" (the letter "C" is encoded as 13, the letter "R" as 42, etc.) and build a chain of letter code designations, moving sequentially across the square, starting from the selected cell and separating the letters with dots: 21.42. Continue?

The results of the Laurentian Competition of 2022 have been summed up 2 Oct 2022

The first place among the student theses at the 2022 Lavrentiev Competition was taken by the work "Estimates of the complexity of the implementation of quantum cryptanalysis of post-quantum cryptosystems" by Alexander Bakharev - a student of MMF, an employee of the Cryptographic Center. The work was prepared under the guidance of the teacher Alexander Vladimirovich Kutsenko. We sincerely congratulate Alexander and his supervisor on this victory! 🎈👍🏻
Total results:

Students and teachers of NSU successfully made presentations at the SIBECRYPT-2022 International Conference "Cryptography and Computer Security" 18 Sep 2022

The 21st International Conference "Siberian Scientific School-Seminar "Computer Security and Cryptography" named after Gennady Petrovich Agibalov was held in Krasnoyarsk from September 5 to 10.
This year the conference was held on the basis of the Siberian State University of Science and Technology named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev with the support of the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, Tomsk State University, the Northwest Center for Mathematical Research named after. Sofia Kovalevskaya. The organizers include the Institute of Cryptography, Communications and Informatics of the FSB Academy, the Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation, Moscow State University.
The delegation from Novosibirsk included 13 students and teachers of NSU, who are employees of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok. The members of the delegation presented 8 sectional reports on the properties of cryptographic discrete functions and new methods of analyzing cryptographic algorithms. In total, about 50 cryptography and information security specialists from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don took part in the conference.
Alexander Bakharev , an employee of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, a 1st-year master's student of the MMF NSU, became the winner of the youth reports competition. His work "Development and comparison of quantum oracle models for hybrid attack on post–quantum cryptosystems based on lattices" is devoted to an extremely relevant direction today - post-quantum cryptography.

The summer school-conference on cryptography and information security has ended at NSU 18 Jul 2022

More details here.

Students from all over Russia will be retrained in cryptography at NSU 9 Jul 2022

Novosibirsk Cryptographic Center has launched a large-scale professional retraining program "Cryptography and Information Security" at NSU. For 9 months, students from all over Russia and from abroad will take part in scientific and applied cryptographic developments under the leadership of a team of more than 25 specialists in science and industry. Lectures, workshops and seminars will cover a wide range of areas. At the end of the training, all participants of the program will receive state-issued diplomas.

— Scientific research in the field of cryptography is actively conducted abroad, but in Russia it is isolated due to the long closeness of the subject and the underdevelopment of the direction of civil cryptography. Thus, according to the "Infotex Training Center", every year several thousand graduates of the field of information security in Russian universities account for only a few dozen scientific publications, and dissertations in this field are extremely rare. And there are even fewer graduates who own such modern technologies as, for example, quantum cryptography – only 15-20 people a year. We consistently train graduates in the field of cryptography at NSU who have scientific results and publications in highly rated journals, — said the head of the retraining program Natalia Tokareva.

The first stage of training is Summer School, organized by the Novosibirsk Cryptographic Center, the International Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, the organizing committee of the NSUCRYPTO Olympiad, as well as representatives of FIT and MMF NSU. Students from Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Taganrog and Kaliningrad who have come to study are waiting for lectures, team and individual work in projects. More details here.

Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk) launches a large-scale professional retraining program "Cryptography and information Security" 21 Jun 2022

The Cryptographic Center (Novosibirsk) launches a large-scale professional retraining program "Cryptography and Information Security", which starts on June 27, 2022 and will last 9 months. As a result of completing the program (250 hours of lectures, project and practical work), you will receive a state diploma. Waiting for you:
* lectures from Russian and foreign experts in the field of cryptography from science and industry
* scientific and practical research in this field
* participation in the international cryptography Olympiad with preliminary preparation
The Cryptographic Center organizing this program is the only major scientific and educational group outside the Urals working in the field of cryptography. Full-time education (on the basis of Novosibirsk State University) and free of charge.
The registration period for the program has been extended until June 24, 2022. There are very few places left.
👉🏻 Registration:
The program starts on June 27 with the Summer School module.

REGISTRATION is open for the Summer School-Conference on Cryptography and Information Security 2022, which will be held from June 27 to July 11 at Novosibirsk State University. 13 May 2022

We invite students and schoolchildren (11th grade)! You can apply until June 20, but it's better to hurry up, the number of places is limited.
🌐 Read more:

Summer School is the first stage of the professional retraining program in the field of cryptography! You have the opportunity to continue your research in this direction and receive a state diploma.

Students will receive lectures, team and individual work in projects related to solving research problems in the field of cryptography and information security, sports classes. One of the most important events of the school-conference is a round table on modern problems of cryptography. The topics of the projects are related to various issues of modern cryptography and information security: from the development of modern methods of cryptanalysis, the construction of ciphers, quantum cryptography to the creation of open-source analytical intelligence systems.

The Day of the Cryptographer is celebrated 101 years! 5 May 2022

Friends! May 5 has been celebrated for 101 years Day of the Cryptographer. It was on this day that the Cryptographic Service of Russia was created! We congratulate you on the holiday and wish you further success for the benefit of our Motherland!
The Cryptographic Service of modern Russia was established by the decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR dated May 5, 1921. It provides, with the help of encryption (cryptographic) means, information protection in information and telecommunication systems and special communication systems in the Russian Federation and its institutions abroad, including in systems using modern information technologies.