Cryptographic center (Novosibirsk)

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Seminar

Description: Seminar about new developments and results in cryptography.
Additional info: Academic year 2022-2023 (1 year)
Past events

A system for measuring the efficiency of the internal representation of zk-SNARK schemes. Development and state registration of the programme
Date: Nov. 21, 2023
Speaker: D.O. Kondyrev

Non-linear balanced functions
Date: Oct. 17, 2023
Speaker: A.S.Shaporenko

Конструкции хэш-функций и алгоритмов выработки имитовставки
Date: Oct. 10, 2023
Speaker: Kolomeets N.A.

Date: Oct. 3, 2023
Speaker: Kolomeets N.A.

"About travelling to events: CTCRYPT (Volgograd), educational course in the field of Olympiads (Sirius, Sochi), SIBECRYPT (Barnaul)".
Date: Sept. 26, 2023
Speaker: A.O.Bakharev, T.A.Bonich, D.A.Bykov, N.A.Kolomeyets, D.O.Kondyrev, A.S.Mokrousov, N.N.Tokareva, S.Pal, A.Qayyum, M.Harris

Protocols with data authentication (PART 2)
Date: April 18, 2023
Speaker: N.A.Kolomeets, K.V.Kalgin, A.V.Kutsenko, D.A.Bykov, A.O.Bakharev, A.S.Shaporenko, N.N.Tokareva

Protocols with data authentication
Date: April 11, 2023
Speaker: N.A.Kolomeets, A.V.Kutsenko, D.A.Bykov, A.O.Bakharev, A.S.Shaporenko, N.N.Tokareva

On one S-box construction for modern ciphers
Date: April 4, 2023
Speaker: Sh.Biswas, S.Pal

About the RUSCRIPTO Anniversary Conference (Moscow): news, discussions, agreements
Date: March 28, 2023
Speaker: Natalia Tokareva

The internal representation of the zk-SNARK statements being proved. Efficiency and optimization of the restriction system
Date: March 14, 2023
Speaker: Kondyrev D.O.

Conversion of Cryptographic hash functions using algorithms for solving the Boolean satisfiability Problem
Date: Feb. 7, 2023
Speaker: Zaikin O.S. (Irkutsk)

About the trip to the scientific seminar of the Scientific and Educational Mathematical Center of the I. Kant BFU (Kaliningrad, November 16-23, 2022)
Date: Dec. 20, 2022
Speaker: Kutsenko A.V., Bakharev A.O., Khilchuk I.S., Shaporenko A.S.

On some number-theoretic problems in cryptography
Date: Nov. 29, 2022
Speaker: Pankratova I.A. (Tomsk)

Some cryptanalysis methods on well-known stream ciphers
Date: Nov. 15, 2022
Speaker: Santu Pal (India)

Chaum's blind signature: Options and open questions (abstract report)
Date: Oct. 18, 2022
Speaker: Panferov M.A.

On the Diffie-Hellman protocol on isogeny (abstract report)
Date: Oct. 11, 2022
Speaker: Bonich T.A.

Introduction to Quantum Computing: Applications to Cryptanalysis (part 2)
Date: Oct. 4, 2022
Speaker: Kutsenko A.V.

Introduction to Quantum Computing: Applications to Cryptanalysis
Date: Sept. 27, 2022
Speaker: Kutsenko A.V.

About the trip to the International Conference on Cryptography and Computer Security SIBECRYPT-2022 (Krasnoyarsk, September 5-10)
Date: Sept. 20, 2022
Speaker: Kutsenko A.V., Kolomeets N.A., Bakharev A.O., Bonich T.A., Bykov D.A., Zyubina D.A., Kondyrev D.O., Mokrousov A.S., Panferov M.A., Parfenov D.R., Sutormin I.A., Khilchuk I.S., Shaporenko A.S.