Cryptographic center (Novosibirsk)


Courses timetable:

TuesdayMarch 28, 2023
16:20 Cryptography in practice s/s r. 2240

Scientific seminars:

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Seminar
Description: Seminar about new developments and results in cryptography.
Additional info: Academic year 2022-2023 (1 year)
Lecturer: Natalia Tokareva
Past events

The internal representation of the zk-SNARK statements being proved. Efficiency and optimization of the restriction system
Date: March 14, 2023
Speaker: Kondyrev D.O.

Conversion of Cryptographic hash functions using algorithms for solving the Boolean satisfiability Problem
Date: Feb. 7, 2023
Speaker: Zaikin O.S. (Irkutsk)

About the trip to the scientific seminar of the Scientific and Educational Mathematical Center of the I. Kant BFU (Kaliningrad, November 16-23, 2022)
Date: Dec. 20, 2022
Speaker: Kutsenko A.V., Bakharev A.O., Khilchuk I.S., Shaporenko A.S.

Courses for BS & MS students:

Cryptography in practice Seminar
Description: The course allows you to immerse yourself in the mathematics that is used in cryptography. Encryption algorithms, cryptanalysis methods, elements of information theory, cryptographic functions: solving problems will help to understand all of these.
Additional info: Academic year 2022-2023 (1 year)
Schedule: Every week on Tuesday at 16:20, starts on 27 September
Location: r. 2240
Lecturer: N.Kolomeec